Damir S.

Damir S. - Owner & CEO


With over 20 years spent in the game industry and credited for over 50 games across 10 different platforms, Damir is one of the most experienced industry professionals in Canada. Born in Croatia, he started his career in the mid 80′s as a programmer creating proprietary games for the MSX and Commodore Amiga. He spent the next couple of years in broadcasting; producing and hosting a live TV show devoted to video games and computer technology. In 1995, he started a video game magazine where he worked as the editor. In 1999, he moved to Canada and continued his professional career as a lead programmer, first in Sandbox Studios and later in Digital Illusions Canada. In 2004, he established Big Blue Bubble, which quickly became one of the best known and highest rated wireless and handheld game developers in North America.

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