Darren B.

Darren B. - Director QA


The year is 1980, on a cold and gray January morn in a hospital in Croydon, a southern suburb of London, England. It was on this day where an incredibly small, yet powerfully lunged baby was introduced into this world, kicking and screaming.  After much debate amongst the Gods, the name ‘Darren’ was chosen

Fast forward five years later where this baby has become a child, whose parents scrimped and saved to purchase him, and his sister, a Nintendo Entertainment System for their birthdays.  It was from this moment that his passion for video games began; shooting ducks on screen and controlling an actual robot to make a little professor sleep walk through his laboratory (it was the awesome ‘R.O.B’ edition NES!) was all it took to induce his imagination and set the tone for the rest of his life.

Through years of consoles and computers, handhelds and mobile gaming, this child became a teen, and that teen became a man, a man with an ever growing interest in video games that was to turn into his career.  For the past twelve years this man has worked at various video games companies across two continents and in various positions, with a major focus on the ‘Quality Assurance’ field.  Yes, for over a decade this man has played video games for a living.

That man is me.  I’m Darren, and I am QA Director here at Big Blue Bubble!

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