Attention Pyromaniac’s

Burn The Rope 101

Big Blue Bubble Inc. has introduced a unique game for the pyromaniac in all of us! What’s the name of the game? It’s Burn the Rope!

Burn the Rope was created for iPhone and iPod touch and features a very exceptional game play mechanics such as stunning retina display support, 16 new levels at the Cottage level, that’s over 100 puzzles in all. Three new bugs are introduced, the firebug, the electric bug and the waterbug. Best watch out for the waterbug if you don’t want your flame to go out! There is an ‘ALL NEW’ bug blasting bonus round found at various levels in the game. Be quick and get them all before time runs out!

To play the game you must touch a single point on the rope to start the flame burning. Remember, the flame burns upwards only so you will need to turn the device around to keep the flame alive. You can also have many ropes burning at the same time so watch which way you turn it so the flame doesn’t go out. Burning  60% of the rope will place you at the bronze level, 80% of the rope will place you at the silver level, and 100% will place you at the gold level.

As you progress in the game various bugs will appear that add a special challenge to the puzzle. The firebug will explode and start multiple flames going, the electric bug will transfer the flame to another rope that is hard to get to, and the waterbug… well, that will put your flame out if you’re not careful.

Burn the Rope is just one of those amazingly fun, addictive games that anyone can play, anywhere, anytime. Whether you are a kid or an adult, it’s a great way to pass the time!

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