Welcome to Big Blue Bubble’s Blog – Meet Damir Slogar


“Welcome to Big Blue Bubble”…This is the greeting you get when you step off the 9th floor.  This is also the overall feeling one gets when you first start working with the London, Ontario based gaming company.  As you walk around, the perceptions that you would have of guys playing video games, having fuzball or pool tournaments is not really what goes on here… well, not until you hit lunch time at least… Big Blue Bubble is deadly serious about what they do: developing exciting, challenging and intricate video games on every type of platform that you can imagine.

Its owner and leader is Damir Slogar, an understated, tall and slightly built man.  When we met, he ushered me into his large (blue) corner office and asked me to have a seat in a fashionable Barcelona chair… Not quite what one would expected from a visionary and computer geek (yeah, he said I could write that).

If you know one thing about Damir, you know he is very intense. He is the type of guy that does a lot of listening and not so much talking but when he does speak, his staff pays attention because he is so well respected in his field and one of the top game developers in the country.  His intensity can lead one to believe that he is very serious…all the time…every day.  That, however, could not be further from the truth.  His panache for practical jokes is well known here at BBB.  His love for zorbing (yes, the ‘boy in the big bubble’ extreme hobby made famous by Peter Gabriel) is just one of the interesting things to know about him.  The thing is Damir is always looking for fun and interesting things to do with the company! [In a later blog post we will tell you about the awesome trip to the Bahamas!]


Technically what you should know about him is that he has spent over 20 years in the gaming industry and credited with over 50 games across 10 different platforms.  Making Damir one of the most experienced industry professionals in Canada.  Born and raised in Croatia, he started his career in the mid 80′s as a programmer creating proprietary games for the MSX and Commodore Amiga.  He then ventured into broadcasting as well as producing and hosting a live TV show devoted to video games and computer technology. In 1995, he started a video game magazine where he worked as the editor. In 1999, he moved to Canada and continued his professional career as a lead programmer, first in Sandbox Studios and later in Digital Illusions Canada.  In 2004, he established Big Blue Bubble, which quickly became one of the best known and highest rated wireless and handheld game developers in North America. Ultimately, his focus is always on making great games: on time and on budget.

O.k. now that you have met the man, the gamer… the legend, through the Out of the Blue: Musing from the Big Blue Bubble Blog you can meet his team and all that makes BBB a unique and interesting place to be.  Stay tuned as we post weekly about who works here, what we work on and what makes Big Blue Bubble a great place to be.

Welcome to our big blue world.

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