Denise M.

Denise M. - Community Manager

I’m Denise, the community manager at Big Blue Bubble.

It’s exciting and fun; no two days are ever the same.  I’ll let you know a little bit about myself. I am first and foremost a mom of 4 lads; Edward, Devon, Tony and Alex. After my lads where in school I decided that it was time for me to go back to work. One morning I read an article in the local newspaper that was developing games and thought that would be something fun to do. So I sent in my resume and soon I started working for a game developer as a tester and eventually moved up to assistant lead tester. That was four years ago. My four lads where very excited when I was invited to work at Big Blue Bubble! They are constantly asking me what’s new, so they can have the inside scoop and be one up on their friends. Like everyone else, they have to wait. The people that I have met along the way are very talented, fun and interesting to be around. I love to meet and chat with new people and I get to do that with each game that is made.

As Community manager, I’m the link between the fans and the company. I really do love my job. I mostly talk to fans through facebook and twitter; and now I’ll have the chance to connect with fans on our new blog.  I’ll be able to introduce you to some of the faces around our company:  artists, programmers, producers and I might be able to drag Damir the owner out of his office and get him to say ‘Hi’.

I’m so excited to be able to let you all get a glimpse inside our blue bubble.  Did you know that on lunch we entertain ourselves by playing different kinds of games? Some play an online game together and it’s really amusing because they will have headphones on and it gets very quiet, then all of a sudden one or more will shout out ‘No Way!’. Usually makes me jump.  Others will play role playing card games and some will go to the gym and work out.

What I really want to know is more about you, what’s inside your bubble?

So tell us: what’s your favorite video game?   We really do want to know.

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