Big News for Burn the Rope from Big Blue Bubble, iPads Join the Fun!

(March 18, 2011) Big Blue Bubble’s Burn the Rope is bigger and better than ever with a version for the iPad launching today! Now is the time to join in the flame-lighting fun with bigger graphics, brighter fire, and Wickman as you’ve never seen him before! Burn the Rope HD also features an innovative new touch control scheme exclusive to the iPad that lets players rotate the puzzle on-screen.

Burn the Rope is a casual puzzle title that was originally released on the iPhone in December 2010. The goal of the game is to burn as much rope as possible on each level. The fire only burns upwards, so the player must rotate the rope to keep the flame going – once all the flames are out, it’s game over! With clever puzzle designs for each level and some insects that add to the gameplay in unique and interesting ways, Burn the Rope has been one of the hottest apps in the App Store for the past several months.

Burn the Rope is incredibly fun and addictive, and the new features in Burn the Rope HD for iPad let players experience the game in a whole new way!



  • 116 exciting levels with more coming soon!
  • Incredibly fun and addictive!
  • Unique controls!
  • Beautiful graphics and cool fire effects!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master!
  • Apple Game Center support with 30 achievements
  • iTunes library support
  • All-new Bug-Blasting Bonus Rounds!
  • Lights Out! Mode – light the way as you burn!





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