Challenges = Courage | The Story of a 14yr. old Fighting Arthritis

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Recently, Big Blue Bubble, entered a team to support the Walk to Fight Arthritis. The walk takes place on Sunday, May 15th, 2011.

Why did BBB choose this charity to support?  In keeping with their philosophy of supporting their employees they chose this charity because my 14 year old son, Tony, lives with Juvenile Rheumatoid  Arthritis.

Denise M. & her son Tony

Meet Tony:

This is his story:

About 4 years ago, Tony slowly became very ill. He had come home from school and started to complain that his ankles and feet hurt. As parents of a very active pre-teen we didn’t give it much attention. We thought that he had just played too hard during recess and gym at school. His complaint about his ankles and feet continued for a few more days and then it changed. By the end of the week, he started to run a very high fever and the pain spread to his legs, arms and hands.

After considering that it might be the flu or normal growing pains, we gave him some medication and sent him to bed. Feeling better in the morning he attended a bowling birthday party only to soon return with both another high fever and continued pain in his joints.  The most alarming symptom was that he could neither support himself  nor walk. Something was seriously wrong! We bundled him up, carried him to the van and off to the hospital emergency room we went.

After admitting him overnight for observation, one night turned into one week.  Tony had his very own ‘Dr. House’ team. Toward the end of his stay and a lot of tests, it was determined that Tony had Lupus and as a result of having Lupus he had developed Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Today, Tony lives with me and his two older brothers, Edward &  Devon and his younger brother Alex. In spite of having arthritis, Tony is a normal 14 year old who loves to ride his bike, play soccer, basketball and volleyball at school. He plays violin and tenor sax in music class. Tony is also in Army Cadets and loves it. There is not a day that he does not have some sort of pain, but at the end of the day he always feel that the effort is all worth it. Tony truly embodies my definition of Courage!

So on Sunday, May 15th, 2011 the awesome (and supportive) team at Big Blue Bubble will be walking to help those who can find a cure to help Tony.

Note to Self: Challenges are not there to stop you … They are there to see if you have the courage to defeat them!

P.S.: A very heartfelt thank you to my friends and my boss Damir at Big Blue Bubble for supporting me in my efforts to raise awareness about Arthritis. You’re the best!

If you would like to support our team in this walk please visit the following link:  The Walk to Fight Arthritis

Denise M. is the Community Manager at Big Blue Bubble, an advocate for The Walk for Arthritis and a proud mom of four lads.



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