Cookies to Motivate!

Finally, it’s Amanda time!

You might be wondering, Amanda who? Well, it’s me! I’m the administrative Assistant here at Big Blue Bubble and I’m in charge of making sure the office runs smoothly and everyone is happy. Not an easy task some days and easy as pie the others.



Amanda T.


In the 3+ years I’ve been here, I’ve found that it’s incredibly rare to make everyone happy all of the time.  With the amount of people that we have employed here, and the huge range of personalities, getting everyone pumped about the same activity or event is IMPOSSIBLE. Well, except when it comes to free food.

Every so often someone brings something in and asks me to send out an email to let the others know. I kid you not, the second after I hit the send button there is a wild stampede trampling others to the kitchen. It can get pretty messy!

A little while ago I saw a recipe for Chewy Chocolate Chunk-Cherry Cookies and I immediately wanted to swim in an ocean of cookie love. I knew that my coworkers would appreciate a little ‘love’ too. Luckily I had just dehydrated some of the cherries my husband and I picked in the summer. The cookie cosmos had come together and I started baking!



The next day I took a few photos to document the speed at which they disappeared…



At 8 am I set out the cookies and emailed everyone, letting them know about the free food in the kitchen. There were some pretty happy faces!


Darren B


Mark M.

Tom B.


At 8:12 am the containers were empty. I mark that as a successful baking expedition.

Baking surprise treats is just one of the ways that I try to go above and beyond my job description and make people around me happy. Right now it might be the best way, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up trying to find other activities that everyone will enjoy. In the meantime, I’ll just keep up the random treats.



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  • Mmmmm, more cookies please.

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