Burn the Rope now available on Android Market

We are excited to announce we are burning our way onto Android! Our smash hit, Burn the Rope is finally available on Android Market!

Burn the Rope, is a puzzle adventure where the goal is as simple as it is addictive: burn as much rope as possible! Release your inner arsonist and ignite your way through over 100 delightful levels, with new user generated puzzles every day! Get involved and submit your very own puzzle to be featured in Puzzle of the Day!

A tap is all you need to get your flame burning! Remember fire always burns up, so you must rotate your device to make sure your flame keeps flickering! Packed with exploding bugs, bonus levels, and non-stop pyro action, Burn the Rope is now available for Android and Symbian platform.

Now Android and Nokia players can join in on the fun! This challenging and addicting game will keep your fires burning for hours, easy to play and hard to master!

To Purchase Burn the Rope on Android Market  click here

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