Claudette C.

Claudette graduated at the top of her class in university and obtained both her Computer Science and Education degrees. After university, she taught Computer Science at a private college and quickly advanced to the position of Regional Education Manager. Although she had a great passion for education, she found that programming gave her even greater professional satisfaction.

In 2000, she left her teaching career to pursue a career in video game development at Sandbox Studios/Digital Illusions. During her time there, her knowledge of gaming and the industry grew as she took on the role of programmer/lead programmer on several of their hit titles.

Her versatility and continued drive for excellence led her to co-found Big Blue Bubble in 2004. As the Chief Operations Officer, she has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the company.  Her continued passion for education further complements her abilities as evidenced by her recent accomplishment as an award-winning lecturer of a senior level Computer Science gaming course at the University of Western Ontario.


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