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Mowing the lawn or playing basketball for video games?  That’s how we roll at my house.  My kids (all primary school age) are all avid video game players who were starting to spend too much time playing video games.  I wanted them to have a good balance in their lives, so I came up with a time allowance system which gives them a certain amount of video game time for completing various tasks and activities.  It’s structured in such a way that it sets a good limit on their video game time while getting them doing different things and giving them some extra responsibilities, and the kids LOVE it!

Here’s how it works.  Every two to four weeks, as a family we come up with a list of tasks and categorize them as follows: daily or weekly, personal or household, individual or cooperative.  The video game time associated with the tasks range from a simple daily task earning 5 minutes of play time, a larger weekly task earning 30 minutes, and a larger cooperative weekly task earning 60 minutes of time which is divided amongst them.  We’ll include some different activities in there as well (like playing a sport or board game, reading a book, painting a picture, etc.).  The kids actually have a lot of fun coming up with the ideas, and they often amaze me with what they’ll come up with (like cleaning the poop from the bird cage, for example).

Next, we’ll create a personalized schedule for everyone that contains a good balance of these tasks and activities (a mix of personal and household activities which include 3-4 simple daily tasks, 1 individual weekly task, 1-2 cooperative weekly tasks and 3-4 fun activities).  The kids get involved with this too and choose some of their own activities.  This gives them a greater sense of ownership for their list and they’re fine when I add “Weed the garden” to the list, since they got to add “Feed the bird”.  In the end, they have a schedule that gives them a good balance of activities which they are super excited about and can’t wait to start!


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  • I love this idea! I am going to use it this summer with my kids. The organizer in me just loves it! I’ll have to get a list of all the chores you have to do.

    Great post on allotting VIDEO GAME PLAY TIME.

    Thanks Big Blue Bubble!

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