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The Origins of Fling a Thing


“Suckies” The initial idea for our brand new iPhone game Fling a Thing first popped into our heads back in early March 2011.  Dave K. had emailed me about 4 different game ideas that he wanted to get my take on. All 4 of them had a lot of fun potential and I instantly visualized them all in the same visual style as Thumpies, one of our previous game titles. We thought it would be cool [...]


Entering the 3rd Dimension with Dark Incursion

Dark Incursion

When I was asked to sit and write a blog post about myself and Dark Incursion(a game that BBB will be releasing in the app store very soon), I thought… what can be said about me?  The first thing that came to my mind is that video games have been a huge part of my entire life.  I’m sure others have said that exact same thing, but they’re full of crap.  All the way back [...]


Burn the Rope: Worlds ~ Watch the Video Trailer


As our fans know, the release of Burn the Rope: Worlds is coming up fast! We are running around all day trying to make this a really great new release. Even more exciting for our followers is the chance to get a sneak peek at the game, and see all of the cool new features! Check out the new video trailer… Keep checking back for the latest Burn the Rope: Worlds news!


Awkwardly Awesome at the Front Desk…

Robyn Bremner - Assistant Producer

I thought I would introduce my new segment, with hopes that we can get a little interaction going. This VERY interesting segment is basically me interviewing my coworkers to find out their hopes and dreams for the future of the video-game industry. We also want you guys to get to know us a bit better. Now, about the interaction: I take reader requests! If there is anything I’ve learned in the last 3+ years, it [...]


Herding Cats


Software development in general, and video game development in particular, is a highly creative activity that has more in common with film production than it does with physical engineering.  Furthermore, in all but the simplest cases it is a team, rather than individual, effort.  Alistair Cockburn, a well-known software development methodologist, refers to software development as a Cooperative Game similar in spirit to mountain climbing (you only win if everyone gets to the top and [...]