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Lights! Camera! Action!


Lights! Camera! Action!  Last week we had some excitement in the office. We had a film crew in to tape our CEO, Damir Slogar for his segment of Tomorrow, In London Canada, a really cool video that highlights all that our city has to offer. Here in London, you will find Big Blue Bubble Inc. is surrounded by a large number of high caliber industries and businesses that make our community diverse and vibrant. Here, [...]


That’s How We Roll


    Mowing the lawn or playing basketball for video games?  That’s how we roll at my house.  My kids (all primary school age) are all avid video game players who were starting to spend too much time playing video games.  I wanted them to have a good balance in their lives, so I came up with a time allowance system which gives them a certain amount of video game time for completing various tasks [...]


Thumpies: The Making of an Odd-Ball Rhythm Game (Part 4 of 4)


“Songs, Sigils, and Sing-a-Longs” On the same night that the Thumpies team recorded voices for characters in the game we decided we had better narrate the song titles as well.  I have the honor of being the voice you hear when you choose a song/level, probably because I was the only one who knew how to pronounce them.  Some of their names are admittedly quite strange.  Dave created all the music in Thumpies yet he didn’t mind letting me name all of his songs.  During the game’s [...]


Burn the Rope now available on Android Market


We are excited to announce we are burning our way onto Android! Our smash hit, Burn the Rope is finally available on Android Market! Burn the Rope, is a puzzle adventure where the goal is as simple as it is addictive: burn as much rope as possible! Release your inner arsonist and ignite your way through over 100 delightful levels, with new user generated puzzles every day! Get involved and submit your very own puzzle to be featured [...]


Cookies to Motivate!

Amanda T.

Finally, it’s Amanda time! You might be wondering, Amanda who? Well, it’s me! I’m the administrative Assistant here at Big Blue Bubble and I’m in charge of making sure the office runs smoothly and everyone is happy. Not an easy task some days and easy as pie the others.       In the 3+ years I’ve been here, I’ve found that it’s incredibly rare to make everyone happy all of the time.  With the [...]