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Careers in The Gaming Industry: Getting High School Students Interested

Claudette C. at John Paul II Secondary School

Each year, TechAlliance ask its members to participate in the Secondary School Technology Awareness Campaign. As explained on their website : “During London Tech Week and London Biotech Week, TechAlliance hosts awareness campaigns targeting secondary schools. These initiatives provide teachers with the opportunity to invite seasoned industry experts into their classrooms to speak about their experiences, encouraging students to explore studies and careers in technology or the life sciences”. This year our COO, Claudette Critchley, [...]


Video Games Testing: It’s Not All Fun and Games!


This time out I’m going to talk a little bit about the trials and tribulations of being in Quality Assurance as well as the upsides and awesomeness.  There are a few of both and I don’t feel that they have ever been well described to people looking to break into, or who are already in, the testing field. When I tell someone I am a ‘QA Director’ and I test video games for a living, [...]


Thumpies: The Making of an Odd-Ball Rhythm Game (Part 3 of 4)


“Voices In Our Heads” One of my most memorable experiences during the development of Thumpies was the night Kalon and I were invited out to Dave’s house to help create voices for the creatures in the game.  Dave is the producer/designer on Thumpies and he has his own recording studio set up in his basement full of keyboards, guitars, drum kits, and other more quirky instruments.  Dave and his wife Maggie hosted a little dinner for Kalon [...]


Puzzle of the Day Winners, Look and See


So far Puzzle of the Day has been a great success! It’s a highlight of my day to check the inbox and see puzzles the users have come up with. From cats to checker boards and bizarre shapes that I can’t even put a name to, the ideas are far wilder than I imagined. We still need more submissions so grab your crayons and give it a go! I’ll be eagerly waiting.


What in the world is QA?


Wow, this is my first blog post huh?  Some might say it is dangerous and stupid giving me a forum to talk about the video games industry and QA as a profession.  Partly because I’m not the most regimented when it comes to blog posts (as my consistently dormant WordPress blog will attest to) and also because my musings often spill into incoherent ramblings, as exemplified by my twitter feed (@DarrenTBennett – cheap plug #1 [...]