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Video Games Testing: It’s Not All Fun and Games!


This time out I’m going to talk a little bit about the trials and tribulations of being in Quality Assurance as well as the upsides and awesomeness.  There are a few of both and I don’t feel that they have ever been well described to people looking to break into, or who are already in, the testing field. When I tell someone I am a ‘QA Director’ and I test video games for a living, [...]


Animal Pop Popping up the Charts!


Following the success of Burn the Rope, Big Blue Bubble is proud to announce their partnership with startup Krot and Enot and the arrival of their latest joint effort, Animal Pop!   It’s a bubble popping bonanza where you pop bubbles to save pets! Pop two or more bubbles of the same color to float all of the pets to the top and win. Watch for power-ups to pop those bubbles before your time runs out! Super easy controls and fantastic art [...]


Big News for Burn the Rope from Big Blue Bubble, iPads Join the Fun!


(March 18, 2011) Big Blue Bubble’s Burn the Rope is bigger and better than ever with a version for the iPad launching today! Now is the time to join in the flame-lighting fun with bigger graphics, brighter fire, and Wickman as you’ve never seen him before! Burn the Rope HD also features an innovative new touch control scheme exclusive to the iPad that lets players rotate the puzzle on-screen. Burn the Rope is a casual puzzle title that was originally [...]


Welcome to Big Blue Bubble’s Blog – Meet Damir Slogar


  “Welcome to Big Blue Bubble”…This is the greeting you get when you step off the 9th floor.  This is also the overall feeling one gets when you first start working with the London, Ontario based gaming company.  As you walk around, the perceptions that you would have of guys playing video games, having fuzball or pool tournaments is not really what goes on here… well, not until you hit lunch time at least… Big Blue Bubble [...]


Attention Pyromaniac’s


Burn The Rope 101 Big Blue Bubble Inc. has introduced a unique game for the pyromaniac in all of us! What’s the name of the game? It’s Burn the Rope! Burn the Rope was created for iPhone and iPod touch and features a very exceptional game play mechanics such as stunning retina display support, 16 new levels at the Cottage level, that’s over 100 puzzles in all. Three new bugs are introduced, the firebug, the [...]