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Lights! Camera! Action!


Lights! Camera! Action!  Last week we had some excitement in the office. We had a film crew in to tape our CEO, Damir Slogar for his segment of Tomorrow, In London Canada, a really cool video that highlights all that our city has to offer. Here in London, you will find Big Blue Bubble Inc. is surrounded by a large number of high caliber industries and businesses that make our community diverse and vibrant. Here, [...]


Welcome to Big Blue Bubble’s Blog – Meet Damir Slogar


  “Welcome to Big Blue Bubble”…This is the greeting you get when you step off the 9th floor.  This is also the overall feeling one gets when you first start working with the London, Ontario based gaming company.  As you walk around, the perceptions that you would have of guys playing video games, having fuzball or pool tournaments is not really what goes on here… well, not until you hit lunch time at least… Big Blue Bubble [...]


Damir S.

Damir S.

  With over 20 years spent in the game industry and credited for over 50 games across 10 different platforms, Damir is one of the most experienced industry professionals in Canada. Born in Croatia, he started his career in the mid 80′s as a programmer creating proprietary games for the MSX and Commodore Amiga. He spent the next couple of years in broadcasting; producing and hosting a live TV show devoted to video games and [...]