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The Origins of Fling a Thing


“Suckies” The initial idea for our brand new iPhone game Fling a Thing first popped into our heads back in early March 2011.  Dave K. had emailed me about 4 different game ideas that he wanted to get my take on. All 4 of them had a lot of fun potential and I instantly visualized them all in the same visual style as Thumpies, one of our previous game titles. We thought it would be cool [...]


Thumpies: The Making of an Odd-Ball Rhythm Game (Part 4 of 4)


“Songs, Sigils, and Sing-a-Longs” On the same night that the Thumpies team recorded voices for characters in the game we decided we had better narrate the song titles as well.  I have the honor of being the voice you hear when you choose a song/level, probably because I was the only one who knew how to pronounce them.  Some of their names are admittedly quite strange.  Dave created all the music in Thumpies yet he didn’t mind letting me name all of his songs.  During the game’s [...]


Thumpies: The Making of an Odd-Ball Rhythm Game (Part 3 of 4)


“Voices In Our Heads” One of my most memorable experiences during the development of Thumpies was the night Kalon and I were invited out to Dave’s house to help create voices for the creatures in the game.  Dave is the producer/designer on Thumpies and he has his own recording studio set up in his basement full of keyboards, guitars, drum kits, and other more quirky instruments.  Dave and his wife Maggie hosted a little dinner for Kalon [...]


Thumpies: The Making of an Odd-Ball Rhythm Game (Part 2 of 4)


“The Name Game” The name Thumpies didn’t come to us until around half way through the project.  The working title was BeatBox for the first while but once the art style developed and the bouncing balls became bizarre furry creatures we got playing around with names like Thumper and then eventually Thumpies.  We wanted a name that somehow related to sound and music, but could also be a name for what the little characters were.  When we finally [...]


Thumpies: The Making of an Odd-Ball Rhythm Game (Part 1 of 4)


“Follow the Bouncing Ball” It was November of 2009 and I was asked by my Producer David K. to take a peek at a small iPhone prototype he’d been working on that he believed might have some potential.  Dave and I had just finished working together on a title for Namco called Garters & Ghouls and we seemed to have good synergy, bouncing ideas back and forth and inspiring each other.  Garters & Ghouls was full of [...]